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Do-It-Yourself projects have become popular and much more accessible nowadays thanks to the likes of Pinterest and popular shows like Fixer-Upper.  Most of the time, your project will come out looking great, but for those times when you get stuck, we’d be happy to help.  We can walk you through the rest of the steps, offer advice on materials, or if you’re totally stuck, we can finish it for you.



We offer consulting services for the novice who wants to try something new, the advanced do-it-yourselfer, or our fellow professionals.  Whether you’re stuck in the middle of a project, need help knowing how to start, of just need some assistance in choosing the right colors, we provide over twenty years of construction and remodeling experience, plus a seasoned eye for aesthetics and design.


Community Outreach

At Ideal Space Builders, we believe that if we help one person in our community live a better life, we create a better community for us all.

In January of 2017, Ideal Space Builders had the chance to help a community member in need.  Becky's husband passed away a few years ago leaving her with a house in much need of repair that was not legally in her name and with no income. 

After coordinating 25 volunteers, gathering donations from local businesses, and collecting almost $2,000 through an online fundraiser, we were able to make necessary repairs, add heat, and spruce up Becky's home to save her house from being foreclosed by the bank. 

We are so very pleased that after a long legal battle, Becky is now in possession of her house and has closed on a reverse mortgage, so she and her animals can live comfortably in their own home for many years to come.

Read more about our Community Outreach Project in these stories by the Longmont Times-Call BEFORE and AFTER the renovations.

Check out some before and after pictures here:

Ideal space Builders would like to thank these local businesses for donating their products and services to our community outreach project:

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